Abhinav Shukla reveals that he is borderline Dyslexic and it took him 20 years to accept it!

written by Ritika Nath | August 09, 2021

Actor Abhinav Shukla disclosed that he is "borderline dyslexic" in a recent Instagram post, saying that it took him "2 decades to accept this reality" and not feel "embarrassed" about himself. The actor, who was a participant on Bigg Boss 14  admitted that he has difficulty remembering dates and that numbers and alphabets confuse him.

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"I am a borderline dyslexic; it is public now! So, I will divulge more... it's nobody's fault, not even mine, it is what it is!" the 38-year-old actor stated in a tweet on Monday morning.

"Yeah, numbers, alphabets, words confound me, I have difficulty remembering dates, names, relation of those dates to names et al. But I am exceptional at spatial ability. Ask me to put all your extra luggage in your car's boot (Dicky). I will!" Abhinav Shukla also shared a screenshot of his tweet on his Instagram profile, adding, "I am good at few things and bad at a few!"

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Abhinav Shukla received support from his television profession acquaintances after revealing that he is "borderline dyslexic." Divyanka Tripathi, Abhinav's Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 co-contestant, had this to say, "What you are speaking about is a tiny blip in comparison to your vast list of abilities. You amazed me Abhinav with your knowledge about everything. You can hold detailed conversations about vegetation to space to human behavior! It was always comforting having you around. A balanced & unbiased friend/ person towards all.
The world needs more people like you."

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On the work front, Abhinav Shukla was last seen with Rubina Dilaik in Vishal Mishra's song 'Tumse Pyaar Hai'. 


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