Afsana Khan and Sawan Rupowali's latest song 'Saazish' definitely wrenched our hearts!

written by Ritika Nath | May 12, 2021

Afsana Khan with her songs has always managed to bring something exceptional. She is one of those female singers of Pollywood who has always managed to win hearts with her songs. Be it her ‘Titliaan’ or ‘Kamaal Karte Ho’; every song by her has set a high benchmark.

Saazish-Afsana Image Source: YouTube
This time she has fully made us weep with her song ‘Saazish’ which also features amazing actress Sawan Rupowali in the music video.
Image Source: YouTube
The song is a tale of love, heartbreak, betrayal and revenge. Sawan Rupowali’s outstanding performance in the song will make your hearts wrench and Afsana’s soulful voice is like icing on the cake for the listeners. If we go by the other details of the song, the lyrics are penned by Raja Sharma to which the music is composed by Tee Kay. The video of the song is amazingly directed by Parmod Sharma Rana. The song has been released under the label ii Music. ALSO READ:

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Image Source: YouTube
Other than Sawan Rupowali, the song also features Preeto Sawhney, Rahul Jaittly, and Goni Sagoo. The song will hit differently to the ones who has been cheated or betrayed in love. Also, in the song one could hear Afsana's shayari which is being loved by audience. The song crossed more than 4 K views with an hour or so after the release.


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