After 'Yaaka' its 'Daawa' by Satinder Sartaaj which left everyone mesmerized!

written by Ritika Nath | April 26, 2021 12:29pm

Satinder Sartaaj is truly a gen our Pollywood industry is blessed with. His sufiana singing wins everyone's hearts and there is no doubt he reaches our souls with his soulful voice.

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Earlier, this month Satinder Sartaaj shared the news of his new album 'Tehreek' (The Movement). Through the songs in this album Satinder Sartaaj have tried to portray the 'heroic glory of Punjab' and indeed he did so.

"Tehreek ' the album consists of total number of 10 songs, out of which ''Kalawa'n Charhdia'n' was the first song to be released with a video. After which the songs 'Baari Khohl','Fateh Ibarat' and 'Yaaka's lyrical video won everyone's heart.

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Now its 'Daawa' from the album 'Tehreek' the lyrical video of which is being loved by every soul. Soon after it was released it garnered much love and made its place in the top trending songs on YouTube.


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Satinder Sartaaj himself has written the lyrics of the song to which the music is composed by Beat Minister who has also composed the music for the rest of the songs from the album.

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'Eemaan', 'Sache Suche Geet', 'Tehreek', 'Gusse Da Nateeja', and 'Parwah Na Kar'are the other songs that are to be released from the album. However, the audio of the album 'Tehreek' is available on YouTube under the label Saga Hits.

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