Akshay Kumar is in 'unbearable pain' following the death of his mother, Aruna Bhatia, due to illness!

written by Ritika Nath | September 08, 2021

Akshay Kumar's mother Aruna Bhatia, passed away on Wednesday morning. Akshay Kumar took to his social media accounts to confirm the tragic news, and wrote, "She was my core. And today I feel an unbearable pain at the very core of my existence. My maa Smt Aruna Bhatia left this world today morning and got reunited with my dad in the other world. I respect your prayers as I and my family go through this period. Om Shanti."

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Akshay Kumar was shooting in London for his upcoming movie 'Cindrella' when he decided to fly back to his ailing mother. Aruna Bhatia, Akshay's mother was ill and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit recently in Mumbai.

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A day before his mother died, Akshay Kumar posted an emotional message on his social media accounts. In the post, Akshay expressed gratitude to all of his supporters and fans for their prayers. He also revealed that he is going through a difficult time and that he is in desperate need of everyone's blessings and prayers.

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Akshay Kumar had a close relationship with his mother. He frequently expressed his love, respect, and adoration for his mother.

As soon as Akshay broke the news of his mother's death, numerous celebrities and fans of the actor expressed their condolences to him.


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