Amid the Hijab Row in Karnataka, Sikh Girl asked to remove Turban in Bengaluru College

written by Ritika Nath | February 24, 2022

While the Karnataka High Court continues to hear petitions from Muslim girl students seeking protection of their right to wear hijab to classes, a 17-year-old Amritdhari Sikh girl was asked to remove her turban by her College in Karnataka, in accordance with the uniform code and the high court's interim order restraining students from wearing "saffron shawls, Hijab, religious flags, in classrooms of colleges".

According to reports, the girl's family claims that the college has never prejudiced against anyone and has always been polite and courteous, but the Karnataka government and the high court must clarify the situation and issue directions.

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The High Court's Special Bench ordered on Wednesday that no religious symbols be permitted in PU and graduate institutions' classrooms till the case is resolved.

Parents of college students who have been told by officials that they must remove their hijab have insisted that the High Court's order be applied equally to all students.

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On February 16, the Sikh girl was requested to take off her turban, but she refused. After G. Sriram, deputy director of PU Education, visited the institution and urged students not to wear the hijab, they demanded that those who wore religious insignia be barred as well.

The Sikh girl's father was informed of the situation, and her family informed the college that she would not remove her turban and that they would seek legal advice on the matter. Turbans are not mentioned in the High Court interim order, according to the school department.

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