Anmol Gagan Maan Treats Fans With ‘Wlaa Wali Pagg’ On Her Birthday

written by Sakshi Batra | February 27, 2018

Anmol Gagan Maan is known for her Punjabi Folk and Bhangra songs. She was crowned as Miss Mohali Punjaban at Miss World Punjaban in 2013. She has also launched her own music band with a label named “Punjabo” on 14 April 2017 along with her 11 female members of band with her father. Today is 26 February and it’s her birthday. Also, today is the day when her much-awaited song “Wlaa Wali Pag” has got released. Punjabi Music Industry has undergone a tremendous change in last few years. The biggest reason behind this is the entry of Punjabi Female singers. They have definitely taken the music world to another level. Female singers have brought a variation in the music and have offered something dramatic and interesting to the audiences. Anmol Gagan Maan is always known for her Theeth  Punjabi style. Her Punjabi dresses and fashion style in her songs have always been appreciated. But this time in her latest song “Wlaa Wali Pagg” she has come up with all new styles and has been looking outstandingly stunning in her new styles and outfits. The song is featuring Mr. Punjab’s finalist Gurpreet Singh. The song is about all the appreciations of a Punjabi boy done by a Punjabi girl who is in love with him. This song will definitely make you nostalgic about your college time memories and you will love this song. You can enjoy the song exclusively PTC Punjabi and PTC Chakde. What are you waiting for? Tune into your favourite music channels now and enjoy Punjabo’s “Wlaa Waali Pagg”. We wish her a very Happy Birthday and congratulate her for her latest song.


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