Anu Aggarwal leaves the shoot midway when asked to apply fair makeup

written by Shimona Sharma | December 29, 2022 12:35pm

Anu Aggarwal news: Aashiqui actress Anu Aggarwal entered Bollywood and became a star overnight. The actress gave back-to-back hits. The actress has come forward to share her views on racism which still exists in India. The actress recalled the incident when she walked out of a project when people started asking her to apply fair makeup on her skin.

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Recently, in an interview, the actor revealed that many things were not accepted about her. Then the actress pinpointed that women from states like Rajasthan were mostly dusky. The actress also stated that the concept of white skin came from the British.

The 'Aashiqui' actress also mentioned that when she entered her first modelling job they started applying white makeup on her so she walked off from the shoot. This actress has never believed to live up to such unreasonable standards of beauty.

Then the agency called her and asked her the apt reason for doing so she answered that she was comfortable with her skin colour and did not want to look fair. Then they were trying to bring her into confidence and tried convincing her. The actress responded bluntly by saying that they should probably approach a fair model in that case.

Further, the actress said that she has always stood up for herself and never blamed anyone. According to her, it is important to love yourself and have deep faith in yourself.

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