Anupam Kher Announces His Book On Covid-19

written by Diksha Kapoor | November 07, 2020

Actor Anupam Kher has penned a new book on his experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, which he says will be released soon. "The #Pandemic has changed our lives forever. It has also put us on the path of self-discovery, willpower, small triumphs & the strength of positive thinking. I managed to write a book about all this in this #Lockdown. More about it very soon. Jai Ho! #NewBookAnnouncement," Kher shared on Twitter and Instagram along with a video. In the video, the actor spoke of chronicling his ups and downs during lockdown, including the time when his family, including mother Dulari and brother Raju Kher had contracted the virus. "I went to Mumbai from New York in the middle of the pandemic and lockdown. I stayed there for about eight months, and saw many ups and downs, struggles, people getting together. My family got sick. We all experienced many things, which we never even envisioned that we can go through," he said in the video. ALSO READ: PARESH RAWAL BECOMES PRODUCER FOR THIS PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER

"Initially I got scared, had insecurities but I also realised a lot of good things too happened during the pandemic like families have come together, people have discovered new hobbies. There is a sense of togetherness," added the actor. He went on to share that the book will look at positive things, instead of negativity.


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