B.T.F.U Vibe Check: Karan Aujla's debut album 'B.T.F.U', is all about Punjabi folk music!

written by Ritika Nath | September 02, 2021

Karan Aujla is all set to create history with his debut album 'BTFU' and needless to say the hype around the album is already touching skies. After the release of 'BTFU' Intro; Karan Aujla has now released the second Intro from the album which is nothing less than everything the album is all about.

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BTFU is without a doubt the most anticipated Punjabi music album right now. The second intro Vibe Check did hint that the wait will be worthwhile.
The introduction reveals that BTFU will only feature sheer classical Punjabi music. It's been a long time since we've heard pure desi music.

Punjabi music has changed dramatically since the introduction of hip-hop. Tabla, Dhol, Tumbi, and many other classical instruments have taken a back seat with the introduction of hip-hop beats and modern instruments.

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However, BTFU makes sure to bring back the old-classic Punjabi music. Karan Aujla and Tru Skool are indeed prepared to bring back you to the Kuldip Manak and Chamkila era.

Karan Aujla has ensured that everything he writes and sings connects to the ones who love folk Punjabi songs.  As per Karan Aujla 'BTFU is  entirely dedicated to the 'Punjabi culture', 'Punjabi roots' and it reflects the authentic Punjabi music. BTFU is no thing except pure Punjabi folklore.

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In the 10-mins long video, Karan Aujla also shared some of the snippets of his songs from the album 'BTFU'. He also revealed that his song 'BOLI' is most favorite track from the album as it includes lots of original 'Dhol'.

Karan Aujla concluded the video by guaranteeing that in the coming years his album will be surely remembered and include itself in the history of Punjabi music.

BTFU's next track will be released on September 9th and the fill album would be out on September 15th under Speed Records. 


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