Baba Sehgal Asks Bollywood To Stop Remixing & Destroying Old Classic Songs

written by Karan Nanda | July 09, 2019

Baba Sehgal, widely regarded as the first Indian rapper, has criticised Bollywood for its trend of recreating and remixing old popular songs, calling the Hindi film industry “Copywood”. Baba Sehgal, known for crooning songs like ‘Thanda Thanda Pani’, ‘Dil Dhadke’ and others, took to his official Twitter handle to criticise the Bollywood for ruining the original songs by re-creating it. “It’s time Bollywood stop recreating/remixing old classic film soundtracks. There’s no harm in recreating a song but the quality, instrumentation and the output in doing so is sad and pathetic. Is it because there is no creativity left or is it because they want to encash on super popularity of the old songs?” Baba, who rose as a rap artist in the early 1990s, tweeted.

“Please tap the right talent, as we have it in abundance here, and stop destroying and ruining the original. It’s become more of copywood than Bollywood,” he added. Recently hit Punjabi songs like ‘Glassy’, ‘Wakhra Swag’, have been re-created for Bollywood films.


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