Bigg Boss 15: All Junglewasis gets nominated after Jay Bhanushali-Pratik Sehajpal's big fight

written by Ritika Nath | October 06, 2021

During a task, Pratik Sehajpal and Jay Bhanushali got into a big fight in yesterday's episode. Both lashed back at each other, and things heated up when Pratik ended up breaking the glass door in the house. As a punishment for Pratik's violent behavior, Bigg Boss announces in the upcoming episode that all junglewasis will be nominated for the upcoming week. This creates tension among all of the contestants, who are dissatisfied with Bigg Boss' decision.

Bigg Boss announces in a new promo video that as a result of Pratik breaking house properties, junglewasis will be punished, and thus everyone is nominated. Umar Riaz was the first person to respond after hearing this. He poked fun at Bigg Boss, saying it's insane how Pratik broke things in the house and yet they're nominated.

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He became so outraged that he declared that now even they can break things and be nominated. Umar then refers to Pratik Sehajpal as a "loser." He is heard saying in the video, "We have losers in the house, let's welcome them," pointing to Pratik.

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Not only Umar, but also other junglewasis, including Vishal Kotian, express their dissatisfaction. He tells Bigg Boss that when Pratik got physical with Jay, he didn't intervene, and that if either of them gets physical, he should think twice before taking any final decision.

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He even challenged the producers to broadcast whatever he is saying and stated that he is aware that the audience is watching. Jay Bhanushali also claims that he expected Bigg Boss to punish Pratik Sehajpal for grabbing his collar.


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Undoubtedly, it will be interesting to see how the other Junglewasis respond to the nominations.


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