Bigg Boss 16: Nimrit Alhuwalia gets panic attack as Shalin Bhanot makes fun of her mental health

written by Shimona Sharma | December 01, 2022 01:53pm

'Bigg Boss 16' news:

In the new promo of Bigg Boss 16, we can see all the contestants performing the next task which was carried out by the new wild card contestants, the Golden Boys.

All 11 contestants try to perform the task to get their lost 25 lakhs back. Further,  the clip showcased everyone collecting gold which was thrown by the Golden Boys.

In the meantime, when Nimrit took a stand for Sumbul for being the contender for the captaincy Shalin jumps in between and gets hyper. Nimrit then asked Shalin why he was interrupting her to which Shalin sarcastically replies saying he has mental issues, after listening to this comment, Nimrit who has been dealing with mental issues thought he was making fun of it and lost her cool.

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Following the incident, suddenly Nimrit suffered a panic attack while fighting with Shalin, and then everybody tried to calm her down.

Nimrat then warns Shalin to be careful with his words from the next time onwards and not to make fun of her mental health again in any respect.

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