The internet stirry couple, Amy Jackson and Ed Westwick has recently announced their engagement by sharing the proposal pictures from Switzerland.

The dreamy couple often times shared their oozing moments, from red carpet extravagnaza's to their mushy travel affairs. Before getting intro their engagement moments, let's revisit through some of their most cute moments together.

The gentleman behaviour

Ed Westwick who is a cult classic character, Chuck from television series Gossip Girl is seemingly a gentleman in real life, unlike his character on GG. Giving Amy's a hand while stepping onto a boat feels breathtaking.

Travel Goals

Both the lovebirds share an innate love for travelling as they have experienced many new places together, all drenched in love.

The proud PDA

There are numerous such instances, where both of them were seen never shying away from the public in expressing their romance.

Stroll in Fashion

While both of them has their individual name in television realms, though both shares a common taste for quirky fashion.

The Mumbai affair

It was past last year, during June when the couple shared numerous pictures from their Mumbai trip and we absolutely loved it.

Serving Looks

Among the many other things a couple do, what makes Amy and Ed's relation so worthy is their starry presenmce in events, looking their absolute best.

Happy Together

The goofy moments, the smiley moments, the sassy moments, you ask the couple and you have it on their feed.

Award Royalites

Both the stars were even snapped arriving in numerous awards extravaganza's holding each other, fondly in love.