Chiyaan Vikram did not suffer heart attack, clarifies son Dhruv Vikram

written by Rajan Nath | July 09, 2022

Chiyaan Vikram health update: Actor Chiyaan Vikram was hospitalised in Chennai on Friday after which there were rumours that he had suffered a heart attack. However, his son Dhruv Vikram reacted to the reports and gave a health update.

He said his father had complained of ‘mild chest discomfort’. While giving the health update about his father Chiyaan Vikram, Dhruv said that Vikram was likely to be discharged from hospital in a day.

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Dhruv Vikram Image Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, Dhruv Vikram criticised ‘false rumours’ that the actor had to be rushed to hospital as he suffered a heart attack.

On Friday, Dhruv took to Instagram Stories and addressed various reports that claimed Vikram had suffered a heart attack.

Dhruv Vikram Image Source: Instagram

In his statement, he said that his father was undergoing treatment and that his health should be better soon. He further shared how rumours about Vikram's health affected his family.

“Dear fans and well-wishers, Appa (father) had mild chest discomfort and is being treated for the same. He did not have a heart attack as reports falsely claim. We are pained to hear rumours to this effect,” Dhruv wrote.

Dhruv Vikram Image Source: Twitter

"That being said, we request you to give our family the privacy we need at this time. Our Chiyaan is fine now. He is likely to be discharged from the hospital in a day. We hope this statement provides clarity and trust that the false rumours will be put to rest," he wrote further.

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