Deep Sidhu's girlfriend Reena Rai shared a detailed post about Deep Sidhu's accident

written by Ritika Nath | February 26, 2022

Deep Sidhu's death left everyone in shock. Reena Rai, the Punjabi actor and activist's girlfriend, has shared a heartbreaking Instagram post describing the incident that happened.

"I know everyone has a lot of questions and I'll do my best to answer them," she wrote.

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"120 Hours. That's all the time it took from living a life full of joy and love to experiencing heart-wrenching loss. In 120 hours, I flew to India, celebrated Valentine's Day, got into a fatal car accident, lost the love of my life, ended up in the hospital, and flew back home broken" quoted, Reena Rai

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"Last Sunday, I flew into Delhi to begin a few projects and celebrate Valentine's Day with Deep since we missed celebrating it last year. It was a magical day that I will always hold dear to my heart. The next day we decided to head out to Punjab before heading home to Mumbai. We packed up our luggage, loaded the Scorpio, and headed out. Deep and I chatted for some time and then I decided to take a nap since I was still jet-lagged. I reclined my seat back, took off my shoes, and fell asleep. All I remember next is being thrown violently from the seat, hitting the airbag, and landing in the footrest," she wrote.

Reena further added, "My back felt like it was on fire and I was in complete and utter shock. I looked up and saw Deep not moving. I prayed to Waheguru and asked him to give me the strength to help him. I kept yelling "Deep, Wake Up!" I was finally able to get up and move his chin towards me. The right side of his face was completely covered in blood. I felt faint, leaned back, and started yelling for help. A bystander came and pulled me out of the Scorpio and laid me on the ground."

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Other than describing the whole incident, Reena rai also revealed that Deep and Reena's relationship grew stronger and their families were also happy to spend time with them.

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Concluding on a heartwrenching note Reena Rai shared, "To my Deep, I'm dead inside without you. I miss you so much. You promised me you wouldn't leave me in any life but you left me here all alone. I'm broken. I'm sad. I'm mad. Why did you leave me? I just want you in my arms and to hear you whisper I love you my Jaan. The only comfort I have is knowing your death has inspired a generation to pick up your cause and shape the future of Punjab. You always told me that great change requires great sacrifice. So go my Jaan, fulfill your destiny. Inspire the world. I'll miss you and will forever love you. Soul mates don't leave each other. I'll see you on the other side."


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