Dev Kharoud starrer 'Daakuan Da Munda 2' gets a release date!

written by Ritika Nath | August 31, 2021

Almost the entire Punjabi industry is busy announcing their plans for the coming year, Dev Kharoud has also made a major announcement. The release of the sequel to the 2018 Punjabi release, Daakuan Da Munda, had been postponed due to the coronavirus situation however, the newly announced release date of the much-anticipated film has now been officially confirmed.

The film is based on Manga Singh Antal's biography. The plot of the film is based on the book 'Shrarti Tatt.' The book focuses on educating young people about drug addiction and other social issues.

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The film had been delayed for months, and the producers did not disclosed fans with slightest of update about the film's release date. Finally, it is great news for the movie lovers as now that the official announcement of the release date has been confirmed.

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The book's primary goal is to educate young people about drug addiction and other social issues.

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Daakuan Da Munda 2 will be released in theatres worldwide on March 4, 2022, starring Dev Kharoud. Previously, the film's official release date had been set for July 23, 2021, but due to the deadly global pandemic of coronavirus, which was wreaking havoc on the entire film industry, Daakuan Da Munda 2 had to be postponed as well.


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