Diljit Dosanjh has a savage reply for the person who mocked him for fuelling his own car 

written by Ritika Nath | January 12, 2022

Diljit Dosanjh is well-known for his social media activity in addition to his Punjabi songs and flicks. He is one of those celebs that is quite active on social media and frequently informs his fans about his personal life. His fans always watch his online activities, whether it's for his upcoming tunes or for his amusing cookery videos.

Diljit Dosanjh , image From Instagram

He consistently made the news with his diverse and entertaining posts. And another of his social media posts has gotten the internet's notice.

The artist made headlines after he was trolled for a photo in which he was spotted filling up his gas tank at a gas station by himself in a foreign country. Diljit's post was quickly reacted to by a user who trolled him by criticizing him for refueling his car himself.

In response to this, someone remarked, “There (overseas), you have to fill your car's gas tank yourself. What's the use if there is so much shortage of people there. You should have 2-4 guys at your service for such things. Rest, don't take offense to what I said."

image From instagram

To which Diljjit Dosnajh had the aptest reply and wrote, Mama.. Gal Soch Di aa, Eh Hee Soch Aa Jehdi Kam Nu VADDA Shota Bana Dendi aa..Soch Badal Mama.. Eh Oh Hee Soch Aa Jehdi Na Aap Kush Kardi aa Te Na Kisey Nu Kush Karn dendi Aa..Tere Vargeya bare hee Kiha Janda..Dunia Ki KAHU Gi.. “Gussa Na Kari Veer”

Well, as soon as Diljit replied, numerous fans of the singer-turned were all praises for the positivity that he spreads with his wise words and unmatchable thinking.

However, Diljit Dosanjh has previously also had a befitting reply to one user who trolled him for his tanned legs.

“Those of you who are talking about my legs, here is a close look of them. My legs have been tanned as I have spent hours lying under the Sun” Diljit replied to the user when trolled for his tanned legs.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Diljit Dosanjh recently released his song ‘Unforgettable’ which was followed by his mega album ‘Moon Child Era’.

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