Finally, Preet Harpal releases his most-awaited song 'Apne'!

written by Ritika Nath | June 15, 2021

After reminding us of our college days with the super hit track 'Hostel'; Preet Harpal yet again is here with a new track that got released recently. Preet Harpal is one of the celebrated singers of our industry who has allured his fans with his numerous genre songs. Be it his peppy songs or the soulful tracks, he has managed to woo us with variant genres.

Image Source: Instagram
This time, Preet Harpal released his song 'Apne' which is a soulful track. Preet Harpal has only released the audio of the song; while releasing the poster he said that, if you liked the song then we will surely release the video of the song too. Going by the song credits, the lyrics of the song are penned by Preet Hrapl to which the music is composed by Sharry Nexus.
Image Source: Instagram
Prior, to the song Preet Harpal released his song 'Hostel' which became a part of social dislike as initially, the song had some lyrics which hurt the sentiments of some of the people belonging to the Brahmin community. After which, Preet Harpal also issued a statement asking forgiveness and later also rephrased the lyrics of the song. ALSO READ: Sunanda Sharma is all smiles as she visits her fan’s house who painted her images on the walls!
Though the issue didn't become huge and everything went well with the song later.
Image Source: Instagram
Now we hope soon Preet Harpal will release the video of his recent track 'Apne' too. till then enjoy the audio of the song which is released under Vanjaray Beats. 


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