'FOB' song: Canada-based singer Prince's track surpass '200 K' views in just 48 hours

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  February 11th 2023 06:00 PM  |  Updated: February 11th 2023 05:28 PM

'FOB' song: Canada-based singer Prince's track surpass '200 K' views in just 48 hours

Latest Punjabi entertainment news: Punjabi music has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and the industry is now home to many talented artists who are making a name for themselves globally. One such artist is a new Punjabi singer-Prince, based in Canada, making waves with his unique voice and style with the release of his new song 'Fresh Off the Boat' aka 'FOB'.

Prince’s early life

The singer hails from Dakala in Patiala. After obtaining his degree from Punjabi University Patiala, he moved to Canada to attend Loyalist College till 2020.

Prince is a young and gifted person who has been producing music for a while. The fact that Prince was born and raised in Punjab and was exposed to Punjabi music and culture from a young age has had a big influence on his musical taste.

Ahead of the song ‘FOB’, Prince has released ‘Outlander’ and ‘Saade Jeha’ which have attracted a sizable and devoted following.

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Prince’s new song ‘FOB’ is out now

By making music videos that are both musically and aesthetically pleasing, many Punjabi musicians have achieved popularity on the internet. Keeping up with the legacy, Prince recently released his upbeat song ‘Fresh Off the Boat' which already surpassed 200 K views in less than 48 hours. Crooned and penned by Prince, it is in collaboration with Jot Dhaliwal.

The music is composed by Kazzy Sahota whereas the captivating video is directed by Malhi. It has been released under the music label True beats Factory.

The music video is shot in exotic locations in Toronto, featuring high-end production values and intricate choreography, making them a treat to watch.

Prince’s views on the current Punjabi music industry

Prince is well known for his musical ability as well as his sense of style. His distinctive style and amazing writing skills are well-liked by everyone. While sharing his thoughts about the Punjabi music industry, Prince said that in recent years, the collaboration of Punjabi music artists with Hollywood has been on the rise, and many talented Punjabi artists are now making their mark in the global music charts, billboards, and several other trending music charts.

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