Gurnam Bhullar melts our hearts with his soulful melody 'Mera Haal'!

written by Ritika Nath | July 22, 2021

Gurnam Bhullar has always managed to cherish us with his amazing voice. It is just recently that he made an announcement about his song 'Mera Haal' and revealed that some songs are very precious and special to heart.

Image Source: Instagram
Finally, after creating buzz over his song 'Mera Haal' the song has been released.
Image Source: Instagram
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Going by the credits, the song takes you on a roller coaster ride filled with emotions from love to heartbreak and then again to love. The lyrics are penned by Kavvy Riyaaz and the music is composed by Rox A. The music video is directed by Jaci Saini. Along with Gurnam Bhullar, the music video features Smriti Bhatija. 
Image Source: Instagram
Meanwhile, on the cinematic front, Gurnam Bhullar will be seen in 'Lekh' along with Tania and in 'Fufad Ji' along with Binnu Dhillon, and Jasmin Bajwa. Coming back to his song 'Mera Haal' it is released under Jass Records.


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