Hashtag 'Turban' is back on Instagram! 

written by Rajan Nath | July 12, 2022

Hashtag 'Turban' is back on Instagram! Whenever you pick up your phone to go through Internet, your fingers navigate you to Instagram first. Be it the posts from your friends, Instagram suggested posts, or the reels, Instagram is, undoubtedly, one of the most engaging social media platforms.

There are so many popular social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. However, social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter have been facing a major backlash in Punjab.

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Hashtag 'Turban' is back on Instagram!  Image Source: Twitter

In the past few days, several Punjabi songs were removed from YouTube in India. These included late Punjabi singer's 'SYL' song which was released posthumously and Kanwar Grewal's 'Rihai'.

Hashtag 'Turban' is back on Instagram!  Image Source: Twitter

Both the songs were removed from YouTube in India following a complaint received by the government. However, it was not confirmed if the complaint was received by the state government or the central government.

Likewise, Twitter also removed several prominent accounts on the legal complaint filed by the government. The Twitter accounts of 'Kisan Ekta Morcha', 'Tractor 2 Twitter', and none other than the Khalsa Aid founder Ravi Singh Khalsa, were removed.

Hashtag 'Turban' is back on Instagram!  Image Source: Twitter

Similarly, the hashtag 'Turban' was allegedly removed from Instagram stating that it went against the platform's guidelines. However, a few days later, the hashtag was restored and made public.

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