"He Was My Strength And I Feel Alone Without Him", Says Puranchand Wadali After His Brother's Demise

written by Parkash Deep Singh | March 13, 2018 06:36am

The sudden demise of the King of Sufi Music, Pyare Lal Wadali has left the entire Punjabi Music Industry in a state of shock. Fondly known as ‘Ustaad Pyarelal’ in music circle, Pyarelal Wadali and his elder brother Puran Chand Wadali gained nationwide acclaim for their soul-stirring vocals and profound Sufi music.

Puran Chand Wadali, Pyarelal Wadali’s elder brother who was silent on his brother’s demise till now has finally expressed his emotions. “He left everyone bereaved and left me alone in this world. Nothing feels good in his absence. Puran used to understand my gestures back in the days when we sang”, said Puran Chand Wadali after three days of his brother’s demise.

“We tried our level best to save my brother, but there’s nothing you can do against God’s Will." The legendary musician said that his brother was his strength and now he feels alone after him being gone.”

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