K-Pop Sensation Kim Woojin Wows Fans as he Groove to SRK's 'Chaleya' during 'The Moment Tour'

K-Pop Sensation Kim Woojin dances to Shah Rukh Khan's Chaleya song from Jawan at his The Moment Tour in Delhi.

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  October 26th 2023 05:29 PM  |  Updated: October 26th 2023 05:29 PM

K-Pop Sensation Kim Woojin Wows Fans as he Groove to SRK's 'Chaleya' during 'The Moment Tour'

Former Stray Kids member, Kim Woojin, has taken India by storm with the commencement of his highly-anticipated The Moment Tour. This solo artist made a grand entrance at the Road to Cherry Blossom Festival, where K-pop fans went wild as he took the stage at Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

However, the showstopper was when he surprised everyone by dancing to a popular Bollywood song, Shah Rukh Khan's 'Chaleya' from 'Jawan.' The footage of this captivating moment quickly went viral across social media platforms, earning him a special place in the hearts of Indian fans.

Decked in a simple white tee, a glitzy jacket, and stylish denim, Kim Woojin performed alongside a group of backup dancers dressed in black and white outfits. With grace and style, he grooved to the beats of Bollywood, imitating Shah Rukh Khan's signature moves and choreography. This unforgettable moment led to fans creating the "Woojin won the Chaleya trend," celebrating his incredible performance online.

Social media users couldn't contain their excitement upon seeing the clip, with many jokingly suggesting that Kim Woojin deserves an Indian identity card. One fan playfully commented, "This guy deserves the Aadhaar card. Please get him one, let's adopt him." Another fan wrote, "I'm crying, shooting, and trembling, damn." Yet another said, "I'm obsessed with this clip." It's clear that Kim Woojin's Bollywood dance performance left a lasting impression on Indian fans.

Kim Woojin's Indian tour is far from over. Fans can catch him at his mini concert and fan meet at the IMC Hall in Dimapur on Thursday, October 26. Afterward, he's set to travel to Bengaluru to headline the K-Wave Festival on October 28. Finally, his Indian tour will conclude with another mini-concert and fan meet at Dublin Square, Phoenix Market City Mall in Mumbai on October 29.


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