‘Jagan’ from Qala is a real life character? All you need to know about the Netflix character

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  February 14th 2023 06:27 PM  |  Updated: February 14th 2023 06:27 PM

‘Jagan’ from Qala is a real life character? All you need to know about the Netflix character

‘Qala' is a film with an amazing storyline and a cinematic masterpiece that was released on Netflix. It stole the audience's attention not just with its classic-era songs but also with its impactful characters. Irfan Khan’s son Babil Khan played a significant role in the movie and as 'Jagan’ he captured the life of a vulnerable character.

Babil Khan's character is based on a real person

'Jagan' from Qala is an aspiring singer who attains significant fame at a young age. Meanwhile, as per reports, it is said that 'Jagan' is based on a real-life person named Master Madan, who belonged to Shimla.

Master Madan was born on December 28, 1927, and died at the age of 15. Pretty terrifying! He was a famous singer in his region and made his first public appearance at the age of three and a half. His father was passionate about music and kept an abundance of musical instruments that they used to play frequently.

Master Madan's got recognition

Master Madan took part in an event held at Dharampur, Solan, and sang in front of a crowd for the first time. The people who listened to the kid’s voice, all enchanted, couldn’t believe it was a voice of such a young child and people appraised the influential tone Madan held.

It is said that later country’s first superstar, a legendary actor, and singer Kundan Lal Sehgal heard about Madan and visited him. The star used to visit Master Madan’s house frequently and use to listen to the child doing ‘Riyaz’.

Master Madan kept on performing and it was then when he moved to Calcutta and worked in All India Radio from 1931 to 1942. It was indeed hard to believe that he achieved success at quite a young age.

Master Madan's death

With such popularity, other singers around the country felt their utmost insecurities and were shocked by Master Madan’s singing abilities. Though he had contributed and sang many songs, ghazals, and thumriyas only eight among them could be recorded.

After coming back from a program held in Delhi, the kid fell ill and deteriorated his health. After suffering, the 15-year-old lost the battle and died.

It is believed that someone mixed mercury in his milk which made Madan suffer to his death. People believed that till the time, the young boy was alive he could not let any other artist stand, thus the murder took place and the tragedy stole a great singer from the country.

Written by Durtiman Sonowal

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