Jagjeet Sandhu leaves everyone awestruck with his first music video 'Always For You' by Balraj!

written by Ritika Nath | July 05, 2021

Jagjeet Sandhu has carved a niche with his amazing acting so far in Bollywood as well as Pollywood industry. He is truly on of the most fine artists our industry is blessed with. After amusing all of us with his movies, no he has marked his debut in music videos with Balraj's recent song 'Always For You'. Ever since the announcement of this song was made, fans were excited to witness the magic of Jagjeet Sandhu in it. Finally the song has been released and we are speechless after viewing the same.

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Along with Jagjeet Sandhu; the song also features Prabh Grewal and both of them are melting hearts with their elderly look in the song. The music video starts with Jagjeet Sandhu and Prabh Grewal's on screen son leaving both of them alone and moving away from them. Later, the song revels that no matter what Jagjeet Sandhu is always beside Prabh Grewal.
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Going by the credits, sung by Balraj, the lyrics are penned by Singhjeet to which the music is composed by Guri. The video of the song is directed by Kamalpreet Johny. In the song, Jagjeet Sandhu and Prabh Grewal are showcased as a couple who have completed their 35 years of marriage together and still haven't forget to showcase love and care for each other.
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Though this is the first music video of Jagjeet Sandhu, but we have to admit that his work is always commendable and out of the box. Balraj's 'Always For You' has released under T-Series.


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