Kangana Ranaut reacts on 'PM Modi's Punjab incident; calls the security lapse incident 'shameful'

written by Ritika Nath | January 06, 2022

Kangana Ranaut has called Prime Minister Narendra Modi's incident in Punjab "shameful." Kangana Ranaut wrote on Instagram that the Prime Minister's incident in Punjab is an attack on every Indian. According to her, Punjab is becoming a hotbed of terrorist activity.

Let it be known that Prime Minister Narendra Modi got stuck in traffic gridlock for nearly 20 minutes on Wednesday in Ferozepur, Punjab. The highway had been blocked by farmer protesters. This is regarded as a significant flaw in the PM's security.

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Kangana Ranaut has conveyed her dissatisfaction with the situation. In her message, she states that if all of this does not cease, a high price will have to be paid. She also used #BharatStandsWithModiJi as a hashtag in her statement.

Kangana Ranaut, a Bollywood actress, has expressed her displeasure with the event involving Prime Minister Narendra Modi's convoy at Ferozepur. In an Instagram post, she said, "What happened in Punjab is shameful, Honourable Prime Minister is democratically elected leader/ representative/ voice of 1.4 billion people, an attack on him is an attack on every single Indian."

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During the Kisan Andolan, Kangana was in the spotlight for her outspoken statements. Kangana Ranaut's remark about the protesting ladies was also quite striking.

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Kangana took to Twitter to publish a photo of an old lady and claimed that she is reaching out to agitate for a few rupees. Even after referring to the protesting farmers as Khalistani, Kangana has suffered a lot of backlashes. Kangana Ranaut also tweeted a video in December in which her car was spotted encircled by several people in Punjab. Kangana had previously stated that she had been asked to apologize and that the demonstrators were referring to themselves as farmers.

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