Kangana Ranaut shares a 'new post' after her visit at Khar Police station for her derogatory remarks against Farmers

written by Ritika Nath | December 23, 2021

Kangana Ranaut who has been against the Farmers and the Farmers' Protest since the very beginning has appeared at Khar Police Station on Thursday. She appeared in Khar Police station to record her statements against the derogate remarks she made on the Farmers and the Sikh Community.

A First Information Report (FIR) for allegedly injuring the Sikh community's feelings was issued against the Bollywood actress last month.

Image Source: Instagram

Kangana Ranaut returned to the Khar Police Station today, after skipping her scheduled appearance on December 22 for questioning in the anti-Sikh post case.

Following a complaint by a Sikh organization, an FIR was lodged against her there last month.

Rizwan Siddique, her lawyer, stated that she went to the police station to provide a statement. She was issued with an interrogation warrant earlier this month by the police.

Image Source: Instagram

On December 22, her lawyer informed the Bombay High Court that she will appear before the Khar police. Her counsel, on the other hand, requested a new court date on Wednesday.

The actress also took to her social media account and claimed that this country continues to ill treat and devalues the nationalists.

One of the stories she shared on her Instagram account read as, “Another day another visit to police station hundreds of politically motivated FIR’S and hours and questioning… ”

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Image Source: Instagram

The actress further wrote,  “This country continues to ill treat and devalue nationalists and if you love your nation you are on your own against a very powerful enemy. Those in power would prioritise vote banks and for that they can even encourage terrorism… so it’s a lonely road and guess what it’s alright #jaihind.”

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