Karan Aujla included in the Top 50 Biggest Digital Artists, following the release of his debut album 'BTFU.'

written by Ritika Nath | September 17, 2021

Karan Aujla has been setting high benchmarks ever since he has entered in the Punjabi music industry. There is no doubt that the singer has turned heads with the release of his debut album 'BacThafu*UP' which was released on September 15th.

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And it is nothing less than a surprise that the album has already made its place in the Global Music Charts. With the release of the debut album; Karan Aujla's has become India's Biggest Digital Artist as his name is included among top 50  artists around the globe. The top artistes list includes renowned name of music personalities like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Drake, and many others.

According to Karan Aujla, the album BTFU is especially dedicated to those who enjoy Punjabi folk music. Tru Skool, one of the finest music composers in the Punjabi industry, has collaborated on the album.

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Tru Skool's music features traditional instruments that he prefers to play himself. Whether it's the Harmonium or the Tabla, Tru Skool strives to provide authentic music that is deeply rooted in tradition.

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Talking about the album 'BackThaFu*UP' it includes total 12 songs out of which the official video of the song 'Chu Gon Do' and 'CLICK THAT B KICKIN IT' have been released already.

The album is currently trending on all the music streaming platforms and soon it will be out on Speed Records as well. Meanwhile, Karan Aujla's song Ford's lyrical video has also been released recently under Speed Records.


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