Kulwinder Billa unveils the first look poster of his forthcoming romantic song 'Unforgettable 1998'!

written by Ritika Nath | July 02, 2021

Kulwinder Billa, famous Punjabi artist, has a surprise for his fans. If you like Billa's music and work, you'll be overjoyed to hear this news. On his Instagram account, Kulwinder Billa just shared the poster for his forthcoming single.

Image Source: Instagram

The poster appears to be from the late 1990s, as the title says. In the music video for the song, Aditi Arya will be seen featuring along with Kulwinder Billa. Black Virus has composed the music, Rony Ajnali and Gill Machhrai wrote the lyrics, and Yaadu Brar directed the video.

Image Source: Instagram

Kulwinder Billa’s song 'Unforgettable 1998' will be released on White Hill Music's label, although the specific release date has yet to be announced. As per the poster, it reveals that the music will be released shortly, and in no time, the poster itself has gone viral on social media.

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Image Source: Instagram

The song's title is quite unique, not just because it's catchy, but also because it's relatable. We can all agree that the 1990s were some of the most memorable years of our life. As a result, we anticipate that this song will resurrect some fond childhood memories.


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