Lady Gaga to feature in popular series Wednesday’s Season 2? Details inside

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  February 07th 2023 04:04 PM  |  Updated: February 07th 2023 04:04 PM

Lady Gaga to feature in popular series Wednesday’s Season 2? Details inside

Lady Gaga in 'Wednesday 2': 'Wednesday' is undoubtedly one of the best shows available on Netflix. The dark-themed horror comedy did exceptionally well on the global OTT and surpassed the blockbuster hits like “Stranger Things” in comparison to its first week watch time by garnering 341.23 million hours.

The series revolves around 'Wednesday Adams', who goes to a special school with students of supernatural abilities. Miss Adams is a one, and with her psychic abilities, the show showcases the intriguing adventure of the character.

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Ever since the eight-episode show ended, people went crazy for its upcoming season. The show’s official Twitter page shared a video saying “More torture is coming. Lucky you” addressing its fan. The show’s creators were in fact super interested in installing the second season and were reportedly hunting for new writers with the ability to add more spice to the audience’s urge.

In an interview, Jenna added that she wants the character of Wednesday Adams to be darker and not to play safe in the upcoming episodes.

Now rumors say that the legendary Lady Gaga will be a part of the show’s sequel too. No doubt, Lady Gaga, and Wednesday teaming up would add up the craze more. However, the singer/actor’s being a part of the show is still on the gossip pages.

Lady Gaga applauded creators on TikTok for recreating her iconic “bloody marry” song of 2011 on Jenna’s dance moves. While sharing her views on Lady Gaga, the young actress also gasped that she never thought life would change so fast. While reminiscing a moment she said - “A long time ago, I worked with a hairdresser who used to work with her and I had just seen Lady Gaga in concert in Boston a couple of years before and she had made me a video saying, ‘Oh, hey, Jenna! I heard you’re a fan,’ and it was a really, really sweet video,”

The Show’s release date is not revealed yet, but with quite an estimation the show might be wrapping up in the first half of 2024.

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