Deep fried samosa's filled with lucious vegetable and potato filling, it is a classic Indian snack that rules the Indian households. Taking a warm bite dipping in chutneys makes you forget about everything.

Moong Daal Chilla

A savoury lentil pancake that is not only winter home friendly food item but also a great food alternative to loose weight in no time. It also contains high fiber which makes it a perfect dish for people with digestive issues.

Sprout Salad

Whether summers or winters, sprout salads can never go out of style. Tossed in flavorful spices, salt, veggies and sauce dressings, this is a fingerlicious take on snacking sprout.

Roasted Checkpees

These are crunchy, extremely flavourful packed with protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients. Devoured during winters as snacks, it is also good for weight loss.

Cucumber Raita

Imagine you have finished eating a plate of hot and sizzling biriyani and your mouth needs some balance now and what can be a better balance than having a raita that is mouth watering, just like the Cucumber Raita.

Dry Fruits

One most underrated but yet efficient way of dealing with cozy winters is delving yourself in snacking dry fruits like cashews and almonds. These provide the body with essential heat during those times.


Chikki is a traditional Indian and Pakistani sweet generally made from nuts(peanuts) and jaggery/sugar. They are also a powerhouse of vital vitamins and minerals.

Vada Pav

It is the nation's one of the most famous fast food street delicacy from Maharashtra specially Mumbai. Now can be found every nook and corner of the country, Vada Pav's are delved with love in monsoon and winters.

Vegetable sticks

Biting vegetable sticks of cucumber, carrots, zuccini, radishes with a preferrable sauce or may be humus is a great way of spending your snack time.


Fox nuts are popular as 'Makhana' that are being used for centuries as a snack food. They are extremely light and healthy and it is also a low calorie snack.