Maninder Buttar gets creative with mother nature in 'Love Me Someday' from his album 'Jugni'!

written by Ritika Nath | April 09, 2021 11:22am

Success come to those who don't sit and wait for it; rather get up and get it. This statement is proven by one such artist of industry who is none other than Maninder Buttar.

No matter what time he went through he raised himself to such an extent that today he is one of the most celebrated artists.

Maninder Image Source: Instagram

He released his first album 'Jugni' which got him immense love from his fans.  The album consist of total 9 songs out of which the official video of song 'Pani Di Gal' was released that featured Jasmine Bhasin along with Maninder Buttar in the song.

love me Image Source: Instagram

Now the video of the song 'Love Me Someday' has also been released which is a treat to the eyes as Maninder Buttar has done great experiments with this video.

Talking about the video he has made for this song, he captioned, "Love me someday”. .. 11:11 Am
Compose- Maninder ..!
Lyrics - @babbu11111 ..!
Music - @mixsingh ..!
@whitehillmusic @gunbir_whitehill @manmordsidhu
So, here it goes. Call it Broll's , unofficial music video, random shots, creative video etc etc... the vision for this concept and kind of experiment goes for our mother nature. I've shown all aspects of nature in these videos. I hope you guys'll appreciate this . No model, no crew, no budget, nothing! Just creative. Thanks to @dripfilmsindia for this! ❤️

First one, #LMS out tomorrow at my favorite time , 11:11 AM . Put a reminder for this, you dont wanna miss this guys. Ily"

love me someday Image Source: Instagram


Himmat Sandhu's melodious track 'Pehredaariyan' got a releasing date!

Going by the credits, Babbu has written the lyrics of the song whereas the music is composed by MixSingh. The video is made by ...

Mombatiyaan’, ‘Birth Day’, ‘Aakdan’, ‘Ohle Ohle’, ‘Kaali Kaali Kurti’, Jeena Paauni Aa‘ and 'Pani Di Gal' are the other songs from the smae album 'Jugni'.

Song 'Pani Di Gal' has till now garnered 32 million views and still counting.

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