The Lunchbox

Starring Irrfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur, this 2013 romantic drama enthralled it's audiences with simple, serene and nourished storyline. The movie revolves around celebrating little moments of joy one can find in a situation, like when fates of two individuals collide through lunchboxes, eventually falling in love.


Roma is a 2018 drama movie that comes with a deep mesage for the perpretrators of systematic oppression and racism through the beautiful way of reminising life.

Little Women

Greta Gerwig's directorial, 'Little Women' is a period drama and one of the many adaptations of the 1868 novel. It is a portrayal of joyous and sensitive celebration of family, girlhood, and the resilience of women.

About Time

This 2023 romantic sci-fi feels way ahead of it's time. A love story embedded with an element of time travel, the movie teaches us to live life to the fullest but without taking life for granted.

20th Century Women

It is a min g boggling comedy drama released back in 2016. The movie takes the shape into a women centric genre wherin a mother struggles to raise her yound son but then takes help from two of the other women, bringing up the free-spirited energy, thus celebrates womenhood.

C'mon C'mon

Directed by Mike Mills, C'mon C'mon is a 2021 American black-and-white drama which takes you through the journey of varying perspectives of life. It is about an uncle and his nephew who embraces life through wide perspectives.

The Namesake

This 2006 Indie drama, revolves aroud Ashima and Ashoke, immigrant Bengali parents who try to adjust to life in America. The movie teaches the constant struggle to remain loyal to both worlds.


Coda is a 2021 coming-of-age musical comedy drama that revolves around a little girl child with the titular name who is the only abled girl in family of deaf's. She carries both her families struggle and dreams, without giving up on any. The movie is all about patience, resilience and happiness.

The Florida Project

With a slice of life plot, this 2017 documentary drama surely aces in portraying the meaning of life. The movie resembles life through the children's eye, vibrant, colorful and full of moments.