'Pathaan' controversy; Deepika Padukone slammed for oufit in 'Besharam Rang' song

written by Shimona Sharma | December 17, 2022 11:46am

Mukesh Khanna news: Mukesh Khanna is best known for his TV show 'Shaktiman' which was loved by the kids of that era. He has recently criticized the song, 'Besharam Rang', from 'Pathaan'. Mukesh Khanna also questioned the Central Board Of Film Certification, how could they pass a song which has such vulgar visuals.

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Further, Shaktiman fame stated that the song is filled with vulgarity and made a statement that India is no Spain or Sweden which will allow everything without objection. He stated that the song is indecent and had nothing to do with any kind of religious problem. Mukesh Khanna mentioned that if they dared to bring forth such limited clothing then next time they would dare to come without clothes as well. The job of the censor board should be to ensure that films do not hurt the sentiments and beliefs of people.

However, the censor must not pass such films that mislead the youth in the wrong way as the youth follows these celebrities and call them their inspiration. The song can deceive the youth and can affect their minds.

Ever since the song 'Besharam Rang' was released it has gathered controversies and criticism from most people. Some politicians have also criticized the song as the use of colour saffron was used for Deepika Padukone's clothing.

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