Popular actor Asrani will be playing Narad Muni in Lav Kush Ramlila Committee

written by Ritika Nath | July 04, 2022

This year's Ramlila will be organised by the Lav Kush Ramlila Committee in the historical Red Fort grounds. This will be the greatest stage show in the nation, taking place from September 26 to October 6 on a massive three-story 180 by 60 stage with more than 30 celebrities.

This year's Leela will feature noted film star Asrani, who will portray Narad Muni in the movie Sholay after becoming a prisoner during the British era.

All the gods will float in the sky and flowers will be showered from the third floor of the stage. On the first and second floors, The Leela will continuously be performed. The Leela Stage will have a massive 180 by 14 LED screen placed behind it.

For the first time ever on the ground, Ram Ravana will be displayed this time as well, under the direction of the renowned action director of Bollywood. Hanuman ji will then cross the sea from the sky to Lanka and bring Sanjeevani Booti, who will serve as Hanuman ji's Ram. The sky road will use the most recent technology to display scenes of Lakshman sitting on his shoulders.

In response to questions from the media during the press conference for the Luv Kush Ramlila Committee at the Constitution Club, Arjun Kumar, President of Leela, stated that this year's event will take place on a massive three-story stage. In this episode, a devotional satsang of International Saint Trilochan Das of Sachkhand Nanak Dham will be held on September 23rd.

There will be a Leela of Ram Lalla of Ayodhya, and the Leela Committee agreed to continue a religious event on the Leela stage three days before the performance of Leela. The model of the massive Ram temple being constructed in Ayodhya, which would be 30 feet above the three-story stage, will be made by prominent national painters, according to Arjun Kumar.

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Subhash Goyal, the general secretary of Leela, announced that popular film and television actor Sonu Dagar will portray Lord Shri Ram in Leela this year, with TV actress Shivani Raghav Sita and film actor Nirbhay Wadhwa, who played Hanuman ji in the Jai Hanuman TV series, playing Hanuman.

Asrani, a legendary actor from Bollywood, would be seen playing Narad Muni on stage this time. In addition to 500 volunteers from the Ministry of Leela's volunteers being deployed from 6 pm to 12 pm, four towers will be constructed for the Delhi Police in order to secure Leela Maidan. In the ground will also be placed drones and 150 cc TV cameras.

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