Rabindra Narayan, MD and President PTC Network shares his vision about future of digitization

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  February 09th 2023 07:03 PM  |  Updated: February 09th 2023 07:05 PM

Rabindra Narayan, MD & President of PTC Network interacted with Pankaj Krishna, Founder and CEO of Chrome DM on the show 'Chrome Talkies'. And shared his thoughts about the marketing strategy. During the conversation, he said that it doesn't matter what medium you are using for your entertainment.

If your content is good, then whether it is newspaper, TV or any other form of entertainment, it is successful in 'making' its place in the audience. Rabindra Narayan told during this conversation that when TV came, people used to think that the era of newspapers would end. But this did not happen because even today big advertisements are given in newspapers.

Then when the OTT platform came, people felt that the era of TV is over. But even today TV channels are running. He further said that if your content has 'ch dum hai' then no one can shake you from the market. Rabindra Narayan, MD & President, PTC Network, while mentioning the achievements of PTC Network, said that PTC Punjabi is the channel that is empaneled in the White House.

Rabindra Narayan,

Let us tell you that India TV CFO and CEO Gulab Mukhija was also present along with MD and President of PTC Network, Rabinder Narayan in the show named 'Chrome Talkies'.

Under the leadership of Rabindra Narayan, PTC Punjabi is touching new heights every day. Till now PTC network has been awarded many honors whether it is in the field of news, entertainment, or religion.

Rabindra Narayan, Image Source : Youtube

Rabindra Narayan has put all his efforts to make Punjab, Punjabi, and Punjabiyat flourish. This is the reason why the channel is the only Punjabi channel watched all over the world.


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