Rajesh Khanna's biopic on the works? Nikhil Dwivedi- Farah Khan to collaborate for the same

written by Ritika Nath | December 28, 2021

Did you know that the term "superstar" was first introduced in Bollywood because of Rajesh Khanna? In 2012, Rajesh Khanna left us, but he left behind a collection of works that will be cherished for centuries to come.

A Biopic is said to be in the works of Rajesh Khanna, India's most iconic star for whom the term "Superstar" was first referred. Nikhil Dwivedi, a producer, has acquired the rights to Gautam Chintamani's book Dark Star: The Loneliness Of Being Rajesh Khanna, which has already topped bestseller lists.

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Farah Khan and author Gautam Chintamani will collaborate on the script.

On the 79th anniversary of India's first superstar Rajesh Khanna's birth (December 29), the director-choreographer revealed the project, which will be produced by Nikhil Dwivedi. Kaka, as he was affectionately known, became the country's most iconic star and captivated the globe as the first true superstar.

On July 18, 2012, the great actor passed away. Rajesh Khanna is said to have spent the last few years of his life in complete solitude, as detailed in his biography Dark Star: The Loneliness of Being Rajesh Khanna.

The actor-producer Nikhil Dwivedi is enthusiastic about the project "Yes, I’ve acquired the rights to Gautam Chintamani’s book, "Dark Star", and I’m in talks with Farah Khan to make the film. That’s all I can say for now. As and when any major development happens, I’ll be happy to share because I’m really very excited about bringing Rajesh Khanna’s story to the big screen" stated Nikhil.

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Farah Khan verified the news and stated, "Yes, I have read Gautam’s book and it’s very fascinating. We are in conversation over this, but I cannot comment more."

The enthusiasm Rajesh Khanna generated was unprecedented, as seen by the truckloads of flowers he received. Female fans were so smitten with him that they wrote him bloodletters, married his photos, and mourned his marriage to Dimple Kapadia in March 1973.

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The legendary actor Rajesh Khanna whose real name was Jatin Khanna made his debut in Chetan Anand's Aakhri Khat (1966), had a similar sequence of setbacks as well as an unprecedented success.

Though, who will be playing Rajesh Khanna’s role is still not been announced. It is surely going to be very difficult for any actor to step into his shoes for the Biopic and if anyone does, then this will surely become a game-changer film of his career.

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