Randeep Hooda keeps his promise; performs last rites of Sarabjit Singh's sister Dalbir Kaur

written by Ritika Nath | June 27, 2022

Randeep Hooda performs last rites of Dalbir Kaur: Randeep Hooda who portrayed Sarabjit Singh in the biography, has fulfilled his promise to Dalbir Kaur, the convict's sister. The biographical drama focused on Dalbir's struggle to obtain justice for her brother Sarabjit Singh after he was given the death penalty by a Pakistani court for alleged acts of terrorism and spying.

Dalbir suffered a heart attack recently and died. When Randeep Hooda learned of this, he instantly departed for Mumbai to perform the last rites.

After the movie was out, Dalbir was so moved by Randeep's portrayal that she recognised her brother in the actor. Since that time, Dalbir and Randeep have developed a close relationship.

In 2017, Dalbir Kaur had asked Randeep Hooda, who portrayed her brother Sarabjit Singh in the biopic ‘Sarbjit’, to offer his shoulder to carry her body when she dies.

Randeep Hood kept his promise

"I would like to tell Randeep that I have truly seen Sarabjit in him. I have a wish and I would like to take a promise from him that when I die, he should definitely give me 'kandha' (shoulder). My soul will receive peace that Sarabjit gave me 'kandha'," said Dalbir Kaur at an event.

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Dalbir Kaur had requested in 2017 that Randeep Hooda, who played her brother Sarabjit Singh in the film will provide his shoulder to carry her body after she passes away.

How Dalbir Kaur died and where?

In Punjab's Bhikhiwind, close to Amritsar, Dalbir passed away on Sunday, June 26 from a heart attack. As part of the final rites, Randeep lighted the fire while he was in the village to pay his respects.

Who was Sarabjit Singh and what happened to him?

After spending 22 years in custody at the Kot Lakhpat prison in Lahore, Singh was finally released. His fellow convicts then beat him up and took him to the hospital. After being in a coma for five days and suffering severe head injuries from an attack on the jail grounds in 2013, Singh was declared dead by medical staff at Lahore's Jinnah Hospital.

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