Ranjit Bawa shares official statement following allegations of link with drug dealer Gurdeep Rano Case

written by Ritika Nath | September 24, 2021

Ranjit Bawa's name has been associated with the recent hot controversy after photos of him with 'Gurdeep Rano' went viral. Gurpreet Rano is an international drug dealer who was recently apprehended by the Punjab Special Task Force. And, most recently, Advocate Ashok Sareen Hicky, vice president of the BJP Punjab Yuva Morcha, has called for a thorough investigation into Ranjit Bawa's case.

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He claims that Bawa's photo with the international drug peddler represents his connection to him. He also stated that Ranjit had used Rano's farmhouse for filming and that if it was an official deal, he must have proof of the rent transaction. He also claimed that Ranjit Bawa paid Rano to film the video for 'Sarkara Hi Vikaundia Ne Chitta.'

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According to Sareen, the only singer whose photo with Rana is going viral on social media is Punjabi singer Ranjit Bawa. They discovered that Rano has also spent money on the branding and promotion of singer Ranjit Bawa. As a result, Bawa's foreign funding, travel history, and foreign relations should all be investigated.

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STF summoned Ashok Sareen on Thursday, who recorded his statement and later spoke with the media, revealing that he had also sent a copy of the complaint to the Enforcement Directorate. He also stated that during the course of the investigation, they discovered the involvement of various politicians, police officers, and civilians in the same case.

Ranjit Bawa took to his Facebook and has cleared the accusations made by Ashok Sareen on him.


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