Salman Khan bashes Sajid Khan for his 'double standards' in Bigg Boss 16 house

written by Shagun | November 05, 2022 09:05pm

Mumbai (Maharashtra), November 5: During the 'Shukravaar Ka Vaar' episode of 'Bigg Boss 16', Salman Khan came down heavily on Sajid Khan for his role in the house and called him a hypocrite.

Salman asked Sajid, "Sajid is ghar ke andar kar kya raha hai. Then the director responded, "Waqt aane pe patte dikhauga."

"Waqt yahan pe nahi milta. Aapko nikalne ka reason aap khud hi de rahe ho. Baat samajh mein aa rahi hai (You're giving everyone reasons to evict you. Do you understand it)," Salman said.

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He continued to bash Sajid and said, "You are looking like a hypocrite. Stand lete ho phir stand badal dete ho. Yeh hai double standards."

Sajid was recently chastised for abusing fellow contestant Gautam Vig.

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During the 'saam, daam, dand' task, host Salman gave Gautam the option of becoming captain at the expense of the house's ration. And, because he was worried about his eviction, he accepted the offer but received a lot of backlash from housemates. Sajid referred to Gautam's decision as "selfish."

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"You are doing all of this to be safe in the house, ab tu mera krodh dekhega (you'll now witness my anger)," Sajid said.

The two got into an ugly spat after which Sajid showed middle finger to Gautam and abused him.

He then asked him to keep his distance if he didn't want to fight. Gautam, on the other hand, asked Sajid not to use foul language because he respects him.

Netizens called out Sajid for his behaviour.

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