Satinder Sartaaj Reveals Why He Shot The Video Of His Song 'Gurmukhi Da Beta' In Australia's Victoria

written by Diksha Kapoor | July 08, 2019

Sufi singer Satinder Sartaaj is currently riding high on the success of his latest released song ‘Gurmukhi Da Beta’. It is the first song of the album ‘Seven Rivers’, which was released on the occasion of world music day, June 21. Satinder Sartaaj has shared important details about his song, ever since he released the song, from the importance of this song and essence of it. The song was shot in Victoria, Australia. It is a significant location for the song as Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean joins each other at this place. He took down to his Instagram handle to share his tribute to the relationship & bond between all the Rivers and Oceans of Planet Earth. He wrote: "he #Location of #GurmukhiDaBeta was #EaglesNest?{ਉਕਾਬ ਦਾ ਆਲ੍ਹਣਾ} Inverloch, Victoria, #Australia. It is a very significant orientation where #IndianOcean & #PacificOcean joins each other. As a #Poet this is my tribute to the relationship & bond between all the #Rivers & #Oceans ?of #PlanetEarth"

Satinder Sartaaj’s first song ‘Gurmukhi Da Beta’ is dedicated to river Sutlej. The song is a musical treat for soft music lovers with the mesmerizing voice of Satinder. You can watch the whole song here. The singer was recently honoured with the certificate of appreciation for contribution to excellence in the field of music by the Australian and New Zealand government. He has also created history by being the first turbaned singer to perform live at Opera House, Sydney. He is popular for crooning soulful songs like ‘Udariaan’, Masoomiat’ and ‘Main Te Meri Jaan’ among others.


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