Shah Rukh Khan hugs and pats Kartik Aaryan as they met at an event [Video Inside]

written by Ritika Nath | July 15, 2022

Shah Rukh Khanhugs Kartik Aaryan: King Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan is surely the man with a golden heart and this is proven by him with his sweetest gestures and the way he treats his fellow artists. A video of Shah Rukh Khan hugging and patting Kartik Aaryan is making rounds on the internet.

Shah Rukh holds a huge fan base not only outside the film industry but also inside the entertainment world. Several celebs have shared their one or the other incident about how nicely Shah Rukh Khan treats everyone.

Now, a video of Shah Rukh Khan patting Kartik Aaryan has left everyone speechless with Badshah’s sweet gestures towards Kartik.

The two recently met at an event and greeted each other warmly. Shah Rukh Khan who is known for his kind nature adorably hugged and patted Kartik Aaryan.

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Kartik and Shah Rukh were both wearing formal white clothing. While Kartik wore an all-white suit and a white top, Shah Rukh was seen wearing a white shirt and black pants. While giving Kartik a bear embrace, Shah Rukh was seen on a bicycle.

It is worth noticing that Kartik has frequently expressed his admiration for Shah Rukh. Kartik used to wait outside SRK's Mannat residence when he first came in Mumbai years ago. One of his most memorable fanboy moments involved him taking a selfie with Shah Rukh.

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