Sharry Maan shares news of his next song from the album 'Dilwale'

written by Ritika Nath | April 01, 2021 11:43am

One of the most fun-filled artist Sharry Maan no matter what finds his way to amuse his fans. It is not too long that he beguiled us with his song 'Dad Tera' and once again he has surprised all of us with his announcement about his next project.

Sharry Maan Image Source: Instagram

Sharry Maan is all set to make his fans fall in love with him all over again with his upcoming album 'Dilwale'. The announcement of the same was made long time ago.

Dilwale Image Source: Instagram

Recently he shared the news about his upcoming song 'Gumaan' from the album 'Dilwale'. While sharing the news he captioned, "Dilwale the album da next gaana “Gumaan” da poster kal sham nu share krde aan te official video 3 april nu aa reha....ehe saari album fans lyi banayj aa...ohi old touch gaane jo tusi labhde hon mere khull ke support kreo....lub ju all :)"

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'Gumaan' will be releasing on April 3 under the music label The Maple Music.

Sharry Maan1 Image Source: Instagram

Also, Sharry Maan shared a heartfelt message with his fans on the occasion of Holi festival which he captioned as, "Ik sach gall dassan taan maa de bimaar hon ton baad naa likhya gya te naa gaya dil khush na howe taan social media te fake smile karan da ki fayda? Menu pata tusi oss puraane sharry maan nu miss krde hon te ona hi miss main v kardan....Ajj holi de din ton dubara koshish shuru kardan rang bharan di apni life ch...ehe holi sabh lyi khushi lai ke aawe...specially mere lyi...thonu v pata banda main sahi aan bas thora jazbaati aan....lub u all ;)"

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