Shilpa Shetty writes an appreciation post for Shamita Shetty as people call her privileged

written by Kirti Pathak | November 30, 2021

Shilpa Shetty has all the praise for her younger sister and Bigg Boss 15 contestant Shamita Shetty. Many have been looking at Shamita Shetty as being privileged and now her elder sister stands up to defend her.

Shilpa Shetty firstly shared a video clip from the Bigg Boss house where Neha Dhupia can be seen asking Shamita about her journey inside the house.

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In the video, Shamita said, “It's been really challenging for me. There have been a lot of ups and downs. Emotionally, it's a nightmare. In this house, I've felt depressed, tremendously powerful, and a variety of other feelings. This place, one thing I know, makes you strong. I've been completely honest in my game. I've spoken up on the topics that matter."

She went on saying"I've stood up for anything I've believed in," she says." I'm an extremely emotional person. I play from th bottom of my heart. Relationships are really important to me. Yes, it may be a disadvantage at times because I believe that when someone I care about betrays me in a relationship, it has a significant impact on me."

In a reaction to this video, Shilpa wrote an appreciation post for her sister.

She writes, "Thanks for the kind words! This is for my strong sister @shamitashetty official, a warrior... It's unfortunate to watch how some people mistake Shamita's behavior as haughty because 'they think' she's privileged or phony, and that she doesn't have an opinion (sometimes too opinionated), or that she just uses her heart instead of her intellect, which is completely false! I say this objectively, not simply as a sister, but also as a BIGG BOSS watcher."

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She also mentioned that she is not appreciating her sister but as a Bigg Boss viewer and former host of the show. She said, "I believe Shamita is being chastised for having a heart / being emotional and being perceived as privileged by some, but IF she was, she wouldn't be on this program attempting to build a professional niche for herself."

According to Shilpa both of the sisters belong to middle-class families but have made their place in the world with their hard work and struggle. Shilpa has promised that her sister has been her true self in the show and is not into any games or strategies.

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She adds, "Neither of us was born into money; we both toiled and worked our way up, upholding our middle-class beliefs, dignity being key... that was our background." Whether she wins or loses this game, one thing must be said: 'No game in life or on television can be at the expense of one's dignity.' She demonstrates this in her GAME, demonstrating grace in the face of adversity, and my heart leaps with pride as a sister. The program will stop, but the memories will live on. And, with her Honesty, Dignity, Integrity, and Class, Shamita will be remembered as a Tigress who has made her mark on millions of hearts" she added.

Shilpa in order to send a loud message to people writes, “You go, my Tunki, you are and will always be a #ShowstopperShamita”.

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