Shivjot just hinted about his 'Affair' with.... Read to know more

written by Ritika Nath | October 12, 2021 06:21pm

Shivjot truly knows how to impress his huge fanbase. The singer is known for his million-dollar smile as well as his groovy numbers that makes us skip a beat.

Well, recently, the singer dropped a hint about his 'Affair' and we guess this is something everyone needs to know about.

Image Source: Instagram

Well, not without beating around the bush, we are glad to inform that Shivjot is coming with a whole new track which is titled as 'Affair'.

So the ones, who thought, that the dashing singer is really dating someone here is a sigh of relief for you all as it is just his upcoming song that we were referring to earlier.

Image Source: Instagram

Shivjot is all set to release his new song 'Affair' which will be out on October 18th under white Hill Music.

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Image Source: Instagram

Talking about the song credits, sung and penned by Shivjot himslef the music is given by The Boss. Meanwhile, the video of the same is directed by Yaadu Brar.

Now, we are extremely excited to enjoy Shivjot's song 'Affair' which will be out on October 18th. 

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