Sidhu Moose Wala's song 'SYL' crosses 1 million views in just 30 minutes of its release

written by Ritika Nath | June 23, 2022

Sidhu Moose Wala SYL song: The legacy that Punjabi artist Sidhu Moose Wala has left behind is touching skies. The singer's first unreleased song after his death, "SYL," was released and unquestionably set a benchmark.

In his SYL song, Sidhu Moosewala addresses the 214-kilometer Satluj-Yamuna-Link Canal plan as well as Balwinder Singh Jattana, a prominent figure in Sikh history who led the initial wave of demonstrations against the canal's construction in 1990.

'Hasn't finished yet': Sidhu Moose Wala's song SYL to release posthumously

The song crossed more than 1 million views writhin half an hour of its release on Sidhu Moose Wala's YouTube channel. Whereas more than 4 Lakh views on official Instagram account of Sidhu Moose Wala.

Sidhu Moosewala contributed vocals to the song SYL, and MXRCI created the music. Additionally, Navkaran Brar is responsible for the song's artwork and video.

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The ownership of the river's water by Punjab is discussed in this song. Additionally, the song is a depiction of the Sikh prisoners who were allegedly being sentenced on false accusations and  he song touches on a variety of social and political subjects.

Through his song "SYL," Sidhu Moose Wala not only raised awareness of the situation but also urged young people to "Save Punjab's water and rivers."

About SYL canal issue

The Satluj-Yamuna-Link Canal, also known as SYL, is a 214 km long canal that is currently under construction and was designed to allow Punjab and the state of Haryana to share water resources. In 1982, a proposal for the Satluj-Yamuna-Link Canal was made. Through this pipeline, water from Punjab would be delivered to neighboring states like Haryana.

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