Simiran Kaur Dhadli's latest single, 'Lahu Di Awaaz,' unapologetically describes harsh reality!

written by Ritika Nath | September 14, 2021

Simiran Kaur Dhadli is surely one of those singers who don't restrains herself talking about the reality via her songs. With her outspoken songs she has managed to create a huge fan base inside out of Punjab. Recently, her song 'Lahu di Awaaz' has been released and surely it was much needed to get a reality check like this.

Image Source: Instagram

Simiran Kaur Dhadli is known for singing bold and reality based songs. Yet again, she has released a song which is breaking all the records. The song 'Lahu Di Awwaz' discusses how in today's world, girls willingly do anything to earn money and gain popularity on social media.

From revealing their body to undressing themselves in from of the camera for the sake of money and fame; Simiran Kaur has unfurled today's harsh reality.

Other than this, Simiran Kaur has also described how women's in today's era misuses the word 'feminism' meaning. In one of the stanza we can hear her talking about 'fake Feminism' which is one of the biggest trend followed by many girls.

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Coming to the credits, the bold lyrics are penned by Simiran herself to which the music is given by Nixon whereas the video is given by Honey Virk which is released under Simiran Kaur Dhadli's YouTube channel.


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