SpiceJet Patna-Delhi landing: Know all about Captain Monica Khanna who skillfully performed emergency landing

written by Ritika Nath | June 20, 2022

SpiceJet's Chief of Flight Operations, also known as the Head of Pilots, appealed to all passengers to "be proud of its pilots and have faith in them" a day after the Patna-Delhi SpiceJet plane made an emergency landing in Patna with approximately 185 passengers on board after its wing caught fire. Captain Monica Khanna, the pilot of a Patna-Delhi SpiceJet Boeing 737, is making headlines for her timely act of bravery that saved many lives.

After hovering for some minutes in the air, the aircraft had to make an emergency landing. A SpiceJet Boeing 737 with 185 passengers made an emergency landing in Patna shortly after take-off due to a fire in the plane's left engine.

Sparks may be seen coming out of the left engine in videos taken by locals on the ground. According to officials, all passengers were successfully evacuated, and no injuries were reported. Captain Monica Khanna, the flight's pilot in command (PIC), shut down the malfunctioning engine and successfully returned to Patna with all passengers and crew members unharmed.

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What the incident was?

A fire broke out in one of the aircraft's engines. Meanwhile, after consulting with ATC, Captain Monica Khanna opted to turn off the plane's left engine right away. The aircraft was required to complete one circle in accordance with the rules. After taking a diversion, the plane was rushed back. When the Boeing 737 arrived, just one engine was working.

Who is Captain Monica Khanna?

Monica Khanna works for Spicejet Limited as a highly certified Pilot. Her Instagram profile reveals that she enjoys travelling and is well-versed in the current fashion and trends. A major tragedy was averted and many lives were spared because to Captain Monica Khanna's rapid and accurate response to an emergency scenario.

Captain Monica Khanna, who is an experienced officer, was the pilot in command of the SpiceJet Boeing 737 that flew from Patna to Delhi.

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