Teaser Alert: Here is a glimpse of Parmish Verma and Nikeet Dhillon's amazing chemistry in Goldy's upcoming song 'Kise DE KOl Gal Na Kari'!

written by Ritika Nath | June 07, 2021

Parmish Verma has always surprised us with one thing or the other. Be it his singing, direction, or acting he has always managed to come out of flying colors.

This time, he has left everyone awestruck by featuring in his best friend Goldy's song 'Kise De Kol Gal Na Kari'. The teaser of the song has recently unveiled.

Image Source: YouTube

Along with Prmish Verma the song features, Nikeet Dhillon. It provides us with glimpses from the song which talks about how far one can go for the loved ones.

No matter what there are no boundaries in love. Well, how the story unfolds is yet to be revealed.

Image Source: YouTube

Going by the song credits, the song is sung by Goldy and the music is composed by Desi Crew. The video of the song is directed by Parmish Verma.

This is the same team who has won our hearts with their song 'Dasi Na Mere Bare' which was released in 2016.

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Goldy is not only a profound singer but is also a great music composer who along with Satpal forms Desi Crew. Needless, to say that there are numerous songs that have been composed by Desi Crew in the Punjabi music industry and are loved by all.

Image Source: YouTube

Goldy's song 'Kise De Kol Gal Na Kari' will be releasing on June 9th under Navrattan Music.


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