written by Parkash Deep Singh | February 06, 2018

The moment that all Diljit Dosanjh fans had been waiting for has finally arrived. The epic trailer of 'Sajjan Singh Rangroot', which is based on Sikh soldiers’ role in World War 1 has finally put all the speculations to rest and proved beyond doubt why it was important to make a movie on this subject.


Diljit’s one specific dialogue in trailer, that goes ‘Will the blood we shed be valued at all?’ spells the essence of storyline. The formidable yet arduous journey of Indian British Army’s Lahore Regiment as it takes on Adolf Hitler’s forces during World War 1 is reason enough to feel proud of our roots. After watching the trailer, one can realize that ‘Sajjan Singh Rangroot’ belongs to Yograj Singh as much as Diljit. The starting dialogue that opens with Yograj Singh’s robust voice asking ‘Sajjan’ if he’s okay is enough to give you Goosebumps.

If you thought that being a Punjabi film, the makers would not be able to portray a real war like phenomena then the film’s trailer will certainly quash all such doubts as Pankaj Batra’s incredible direction and snippets of war sequences make ‘Rangroot’ look on par with any Hollywood war film. Dialogues, background score, visual design or costumes, one can easily deduce a vague idea about the research and hard work that must have gone into making of this film. The trailer touches upon the themes of alienation, discrimination and loss while also celebrating the bravery of Indian soldiers who put their lives on the line for their colonisers.

So mark your calendars for March 23rd and make sure you book your tickets in advance as ‘Sajjan Singh Rangroot’ is definitely going to take the box office by storm.

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